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Recent News October 6, 2016

What Should you know in case of a Car Accident

Unfortunately, these things happen and car accidents are becoming more and more common as the population of the state of Colorado continues to grow through migration.  According to Denver Post, 10,000.00 people are moving to the State of Colorado every month. Here is a short list of very important DOs and DON’Ts in case you […]

liability vs full coverage

Recent News October 6, 2016

Liability Only vs Full Coverage

YOU PAY FOR YOUR CAR INSURANCE EVERY MONTH, BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR COVERAGE MEAN OR WHAT DOES IT ACTUALLY COVER? Did you know that 1 out of 6 drivers in the state of Colorado are uninsured?  Did you also know that the majority of drivers on the road carry a liability only auto […]

Recent News May 4, 2016

Why Every Driver Needs to Have Uninsured Motorist and Medical Payments Coverage

When searching for car insurance the first priority on most people’s mind is the cost of the coverage but not the actual details of the policy and the type of protection it provides. Not all insurance policies are created equal. Dropping certain important coverage for the sake of saving a few dollars can cost hundreds […]