Phillip Island & French Island

Phillip Island & French Island

Nicolas Baudin in the early nineteenth century, the island is low and marshy in the northwest, rising to wooded hills. Farming is carried out on the island, and there’s some tourism. Access to the island is by the Western Port Ferries passenger ferry operating day by day from Stony Point pier to Tankerton Jetty.

french island

White fishermen’s houses, slender laneways and flowering landscapes rest on a backdrop of the brilliant blue sea. Birds appear to adore it just as much as holiday-makers, and the aptly named ‘wood of affection’ joins different trails with fairytale names. Paths guide you thru aleppo and umbrella pines on the edge of the sparkling sea, on this French Mediterranean island.

Mediterranean Coast

If there ever was a Camelot, this is fairly near what it could have looked like. Vast sandbanks normally surround it, subsequently it’s solely an island when the tides are high. Discover the Men Brial lighthouse, with an exhibition of sea rescues attributed to the locals. Of all of the islands near France, Île de Sein is among the most unusual. It is, for one, fully flat, with the highest level reaching just 20 toes above sea degree.

Much of the coastline is surrounded by mangroves, and natural heathland covers a large part of the island. The highest level is Mount Wellington, ninety six metres above sea stage. There are two settlements, Tankerton and Fairhaven, on the western aspect of the island. Napoleon spent his final days on French soil inside the idyllic surrounds of Aix Island, from the 12th to the 15th of July in 1815, before he was sent into exile. Today, the tiny island is given over to walkers and cyclists, with a small population of year-spherical residents permanently enjoying the sluggish-paced lifestyle by the sea. At simply three kilometres long and 0.6 kilometres extensive, you can tour the entire island in a few leisurely hours.

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